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Welcome to Pura Cali: a state-of-the-art, fully integrated cannabis company founded to establish the standards for “artisan agriculture” and the purest, highest quality organic cannabis available anywhere.

We are driven by an obsessive quest for purity, potency and a commitment to consistently deliver ultra-pure, ultra-premium quality products and results throughout the business — from seed to sale

We are the real deal

Pura Cali is firmly rooted in the untamed and elemental nature of Northern California.

It’s in our hearts and under our fingernails.

We are the industry-recognized pioneers

The expert breeders, growers, extractors and technology geeks whose ingenuity and passion developed many of the innovations and processes that established our industry and, inevitably, many of our competitors, too.

We are not merely a product of this industry’s explosive growth  — we are its cultivators.

We intuitively understand how our industry works. And how it doesn’t. Because we have come from this industry, not to it.

meet the Team

From seed-to-sale, the quality of our products is directly proportional to the quality of the people who produce them. And we have cultivated a team of the very finest, purest, full spectrum, ultra-premium, organic talent available anywhere.

Board of Directors

Jon Lasser

Founder, CEO, Board director

Doug Meyer

Board Director

Jason Rickert

Chief Financial Officer - Board Director

From our industry superstars of breeding and cultivation, to our recognized innovators of extraction and form, to our deep rooted knowledge and networks, we’ve racked-up a combined total of more than 150 years of industry experience.


Phua Penney

COO and CCO (Compliance and Ops)

Graham Turner

Chief Marketing / Creative Officer

John Manolian

Chief Cannabis Officer

Francis Herbert

Breeding and Cultivation

Kirill Igumenshchev

Chief Technology Officer

Theodore Ward

Chief of Staff

Michael Gruber

VP Strategy and Business Development

Jamey Bacca

Chief Admin Officer

Will Ford

Industry Expert

Clay Evers

Business Strategy

Daniel Jacobs

Industry Expert
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Let's Work Together

We’re building. We’re growing. And we want to hear from you. If you’re an investor, breeder, grower, or just someone with a great idea — please reach out,  we LOVE making new friends.

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