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Jon Lasser

Founder and President

Jon has been a leader in the Humboldt county organic cannabis category for over 15 years. He is the lead force behind the business development, strategic partnerships, team building, and organizational structure of Pura Cali.

Jon has carefully crafted the dynamic foundation of the company through a determined persistence that has manifested rapid growth for the business and its partners. He is a seasoned expert in organic land management and the commercial operation of sustainable outdoor and mixed light cultivation with a focus on original heritage strains alongside the newest, best-in-class genetics available. 

An affable person and experienced cultivator, Jon has nurtured key industry relationships and assembled a powerful team of industry veterans, experienced executives and stellar operators to propel and establish Pura Cali as the most innovative and respected cannabis company in California.

Doug Meyer

Chief Executive Officer

Doug is a highly regarded, highly experienced senior executive and consultant from the domestic and global consumer packaged goods and OTC Drug industries.  But don’t let that fool you.

Because as a CEO, President and private equity entrepreneur who has grown brands like Bayer Aspirin and Burt’s Bees and corporations like Colgate-Palmolive and Benckiser, Doug credits his many successes to hanging-out for significant amounts of time with each of his team members. Seriously. He means it.

It’s a revelation that uniquely qualifies him as a very rare kind of CEO. But more importantly to us, it describes him as a very rare kind of human being.

Phua Penney

Cheif Compliance Officer

18 years experience in pharmaceutical research. Expert in operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, HR development. Degree in Bio-Chemistry. Founder of Vantage Solutions

Graham Turner

Chief Marketing / Creative Officer

Graham is a highly regarded Creative Director who has led some of the world’s most revered advertising agencies, creative boutiques, and branding firms, including TBWA, Chiat/Day, Y&R, JWT, Ogilvy, and Siegel & Gale.

He has created cult brands like Absolut Vodka, helped build global powerhouses like American Express, and grown niche brands such as Burt’s Bees.  

He has also pulled rabbits out of hats, moulded fog, and made countless gallons of lemonade.

As a consultant, Graham has more recently applied his talents as writer, designer, and communications strategist to the healthcare industry, state government, digital platforms, and a wide range of consumer products from skin care, to pet care, to home care.

John Manolian

Chief Cannabis Officer

If John wasn’t so intensely modest, we’d call him a Rock Star. But in deference to his gentle and unassuming character, let’s just say he’s a well-known and higly respected figure within the breeding community.

A co-founder of the legendary Loompa Farms, John has spent countless years devoted to the collection, preservation, stabilization, and hybridization of cannabis genetics. His hands-on approach, deep knowledge, and use of new technology have earned him near legendary status  appropriate recognition.
With our current library of over 400 cultivars, coupled by alliances with collectors and other respected breeders from around the world, John has given us the access and ability to tweak and develop our proprietary catalog for posterity many years to come.

Francis Herbert

Breeding and Cultivation

A well respected figure in genetic trading circles, Francis is revered for his genetic knowledge and highly regarded library.  

His wisdom and influence have permeated our industry to such an extent that many popular companies have achieved their success, either knowingly or unknowingly, by standing on the generous shoulders of this otherwise slight and self-effacing man.

Francis is responsible for creating and preserving many elite, clone-only cultivars and seed lines. But he is perhaps best known as the father of “Mendo Purps”, one of the most visually appealing cannabis genotypes ever created.

Kevin Wells


• 12 years experience

• Founder and CE, Humbooks, LLC.

• Extensive industry connections within theEmerald Triangle

Kirill Igumenshchev

Chief Technology Officer

Having completed his post doctoral work in quantum chemistry (yikes!) at UC Berkeley, Kirill shifted his laser focus to A.I.  He then automated the typical work of data scientists in marketing and researched white-box machine learning methods for the loans and fintech industry.

His current interest is in applying A.I. to remove the “pain points” in the cannabis and hemp industries, focusing specifically on logistics.

Kirill has a BS in physics and PhD in computational chemistry.  He also has our very deep respect and admiration. Thank you, Dr. Igumenshchev.

Jamey Bacca

Chief Admin Officer

20 years industry experience. Renowned expert in cultivation and extraction. Extensive experience in sales/distribution. Co-founder of Arcturus Cannabis.

Mathew Dunton


12 years industry experience. Extensive experience in sales and distribution. Launched several successful  brands into the CA cannabis market.

Will Ford

Industry Expert

Will has spent the last 15 years deeply entrenched in the cannabis industry. He learned the ropes of cultivation and production through first-hand, hands-on, and hands-in experience in large-scale, outdoor cultivation.

In 2010 he joined Vermicrop Organics as an owner and VP of sales, where he grew annual revenue from 1mil to 15mil. As a result, Vermicrop sold to a subsidiary of Scotts Miracle-Gro, and Will became National Commercial Sales Director for General Hydroponics, Vermicrop Organics, Gavita and Botanicare.

In 2017, he joined The GrowBiz, a chain of hydroponic retail stores in California  and Oregon, as VP of Sales.  And, in 2019, he joined our Advisory Board.  

Jason Rickert

Chief Financial Officer - Board Director

25 years experience in Corporate Finance and M & A Advisory. Advisor on transactions in U.S., Canada, Europe and Africa for clients from early stage companies to national governments.

Clay Evers

Business Strategy

Clay is a 7th generation agrarian entrepreneur and farmer. He has been involved in the cannabis business at every level for over 30 years, having grown his first crop in 1990.  This man knows his stuff.

A longtime governmental affairs consultant specializing in the agriculture and energy businesses, Clay successfully lobbied both state and federal elected officials on behalf of the Tulsa based Williams Brothers Companies. And now, after only a little lobbying of our own, we have him on our side.

Daniel Jacobs

Industry Expert

Daniel is a labor and employment attorney and a principal in the New York City office of Jackson Lewis P.C. We don’t understand why, but that’s where he is.

With broad experience in all aspects of labor relations, including union negotiations and arbitration, his practices focus on national advice and counseling under federal, state and local laws regarding general employment issues and policies, restrictive covenants, and employment/separation agreements.

In the context of his labor and employment practice, Daniel brings a unique and  pertinent business perspective to many legal issues based on previous non-legal experience and his MBA in finance.  Man, has this dude got it all covered, or what?